Sustainable Foam

Sealed Air® has a long history of taking the extra steps to provide packaging solutions that reach the pinnacle of performance and environmental responsibility. Our latest addition to this legacy is our line of Ethafoam® and Stratocell® recycled resin PE foams.

Material Strength
There is minimal difference in the protective qualities and strength of our recycled resin polyethylene foams versus their virgin-resin

counterparts. Our recycled foams should be considered for applications where Ethafoam® and Stratocell® PE foams are commonly used.

Getting the Maximum from Our Minimums
When you choose Ethafoam HRC or Stratocell RC polyethylene foam, the minimum recycled resin

content is from 65% - 100%, depending on the product.

We Focus on the Entire Lifecycle of Our Products

Sealed Air has always recognized the importance of our relationship with the environment. Our history of product and process innovation reflects this long-term commitment. Our Smartlife™ approach helps our customers make smarter decisions by considering the entire lifecycle of their packaging materials. These include production and manufacturing, application performance and disposal and reclamation.

Production and Manufacturing

Sealed Air's world-class manufacturing practices include comprehensive environmental programs to reduce waste quantities, energy usage, water usage and emissions. We remain committed to reducing our environmental footprint by cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increasing our yield.

Application and Performance

Our products are also renowned for their superior protective qualities, which means you will be able to package more with less material, and eliminate the associated carbon impact of damaged product returns.

Disposal and Reclamation

Sealed Air's Closed Loop Recycling system allows Sealed Air to take back large amounts of polyethylene foam to be reused to make our recycled PE foam products. We work with our fabricator network and customers to take back the PE foam material therefore diverting it from the landfill.