Small Raft (Up to 25 lbs)

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Small (up to 25 pounds) 40.5x28.5inch

  • Puncture resistant. Lazy Dog Loungers dog rafts are made with heavy-duty weather and fade-resistant fabric and foam floats. There is no air, so there is no deflating 
  • Semi-submersible allowing water to flow so dogs can remain cool
  • Easy on and off for dogs, designed so the raft won't easily flip. 
  • Built-in attach loop makes it easy to hang to dry, tie off to a boat or dock. Attach our unique floats to your pool's handrail, your boat, or any other stable environment to ensure it doesn't float away
  • Watch these dog rafts in action!
  • See how easy our dog rafts are to assemble!
  • Set-Up Guide PDF
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