Dog Safety in Water

Dog Safety in Water


If you have a dog, chances are that you’ve thought about taking them to the beach or lake. In fact, you may have an experienced boat dog or dock dog that simply can’t get enough of the water. Whether you are experienced at taking your dog swimming or a first timer, it is critical to understand dog safety in the water. Here are a few critical tips.

Know Your Dog’s Swimming Preference

We tend to think of dogs as loving the water. While many do, there are some that prefer staying dry. Additionally, some dogs are just not aerodynamically designed for efficient swimming. Pugs can have breathing problems while basset hounds tend to sink into a vertical position. A dog float or dog raft can help these breeds enjoy the water and feel more comfortable.

There are many dogs that love the water. If you have a poodle, golden retriever, lab, or many other breeds, they’ll love beach trips, boating, the pool or playing in the river. Investing in dog pool toys to play with them in the water can make your and their time even more enjoyable.

Help Make It Easy

There are a number of things you can do to help your dog with swimming. For example, starting out in a shallow area is great to help your dog get a sense of things. This is particularly true if they are new to an area or to swimming.

While your dog may fly into the pool or lake, getting out can be a bit difficult for them. Providing stairs or a ramp can help this. Be sure to have them take frequent breaks while they’re swimming. Healthy dogs can swim for up to 20 minutes. Things like water temperature, breed, and fitness can affect the amount of time your dog should swim. Take breaks on land or let your pup lounge on a dog raft.

Watch Your Dog for Distress

Perhaps the most important rule of dog safety in the water is to never leave your dog unattended. Pay close attention for signs of distress as a dog can sometimes run into problems quickly in the water. Be sure to know the common signs of trouble. If you notice any of sign of trouble, get your dog out of the water and provide attention and care to your pup. If you have any doubt as to your dog’s health, you can seek medical attention from your vet or an after-hours emergency veterinarian.

Understanding dog safety in the water is important to ensure that your beach or lake outing goes well. You should consider giving your dog extra safety by getting him a dog life jacket. Planning for the unexpected by having a life jacket on your dog gives you and your dog comfort. Providing a dog float offers him the ability to play, swim and rest all while he’s in the water. Lazy Dog Loungers is a high quality, durable dog float that keeps your dog partially submerged in water so he’s cools while he rests from his strenuous swim time.


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