Made for Dogs ONLY!

Swimming tires out even the most active dogs. If you love days on the water with your dog, but don't love sharing your float or constantly helping your pup get in and out of the water, you need a Lazy Dog Loungers®.

Lazy Dog Loungers® were inspired by a dog's love of the water and hanging on the lake with his family. After ripping up countless floats and realizing other families were having the same problem, his family decided they needed a better option and Lazy Dog Loungers® was born.


What Makes us SPECIAL?

Stable enough for dogs to get on and off by themselves

Durable and puncture resistant

Semi-submersible so dogs can remain cool

Easy tie-off loop to keep dogs close



For teaching dogs how to gain confidence in the water & learn to swim

Most of us dog lovers want our pups with us at the pool, river or lake. They are fun to have around and swimming is great exercise for dogs because it doesn't put stress on their joints. However, most dogs tire out quickly and even though they are done swimming they still want to hang out with us in the water.  People rafts, which are generally inflatable or made of a spongy material that floats, are easily destroyed by dogs attempting to climb on them to rest or to be close by. This leaves you to choose between your pup destroying your expensive float or leaving your dog at home. We have a better option.

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