The Better Option for Days on the Water

Lazy Dog Loungers® allow you to bring your pup to the water and feel comfortable knowing they have their own place to hang out with you.


Why Lazy Dog Loungers?

Most of us dog lovers want our pups with us as we spend time at the pool, river or lake. They are fun to have around and swimming is fabulous exercise for dogs because it doesn't put stress on their joints.  However, most dogs tire out pretty quickly and even though they are done swimming they still want to join us as we hang out in the water.  People rafts, which are generally inflatable or made of a spongy material that floats, are easily destroyed by dogs attempting to climb on them to rest or to be close by. This leaves you to choose between your pup destroying your expensive float or leaving your dog at home.  Now you have a better option: get your dog his own Lazy Dog Loungers® raft.