Lazy Dog Loungers are built specifically for dogs because they are part of the family.  Dogs love to be with their human family for every event possible, including water sports.



Taking your dog to the lake, river or in the pool brings a lot of fun and enjoyment for everyone.  Swimming is great exercise for dogs, but they can easily tire out, even if they’re active. 


But swimming or floating with your dog can sometimes be costly and a bit of a pain.  Their nails often destroy floats made for humans, while what’s called “dog rafts” are often hard for them to get on or it puts them above the water where they get hot.


Lazy Dog Loungers were invented specifically for your pup.  It was inspired by one dog’s love of the water and his total desire to be in the lake with his human family. 


Lazy Dog Loungers are semi-submersible, so the center sinks just enough to allow a pool of water in that keeps your pup cool.  They are stable for easy on and easy off, allowing your dog to decide when he wants to swim or simply float.  And, they are puncture resistant so they last a long time. 


Our dog loungers are made in the USA with sustainable materials.  We love our pups and we love our environment. 


Give your family, including your furry family member, the gift of water fun!  Get your Lazy Dog Lounger, you’ll be glad you did and your pup will love you for it.