How Does Having a Dog Impact Our Lives

How Does Having a Dog Impact Our Lives?


Over 48 million households own dogs. This is not surprising given the many positivebenefits. In fact, if you ask fifty of your friends why they love owning a dog,you could very well get fifty different answers. Let’s take a look at some ofthe top benefits when it comes to owning a dog.

A Valued Companion

Companionship is a perhaps one of the strongest reasons,with 85% of people agreeing their dog reducesloneliness. In fact, one need to look no further than the pandemic to learnabout this. One in five households adopteda pet, many dogs, during the pandemic. At a time of isolation, dogs helpedprovide much needed love.

Companionship is a reason that many people bring their pupson vacation. Dogs love the outdoors and it keeps the owners active. Go to anylake during the summer and you can see dogs swimming, lounging on dog rafts, orplaying with dog pool toys.

Improved Mental Health

Dogs also calm us down as simply petting a dogfor ten minutes significantly reduces cortisol levels. Cortisol is asteroid that your body makes when you experience stress. High chronic levelscan be quite negative for you.

Research has also found that dogs can reduce the effects ofissues like anxietyand depression. Thus, it is no surprise that workplaces, senior carefacilities, and colleges often turn to therapy dogs to give people a moraleboost. Perhaps the best benefit is happiness. Just staring into a dog’s eyes increases oxytocin, thehormone associated with those warm, fuzzy feelings. 

Makes You More Outgoing

Owning a dog can also help you be more outgoing. One wayinvolves exercising. After all, your pup needs to go on walks, and so do you. Dogowners spend triplethe weekly minutes walking compared to non-owners.  Many people do more vigorous activities withtheir pups. These include running, playing frisbee, swimming or boating.  Ensuring safety of dogs in the water using dogwater rafts like the Lazy Dog Lounger dog raft, and life jackets for dogs isvery important.

Dogs can also improve your sociability. A study found thatyou are morelikely to get someone’s phone number if you have a dog with you. While helpwith dating isn’t necessarily a great reason to buy a dog, it is an addedbenefit of owning a dog. In fact, with people naturally drawn to dogs, you mayfind that your pup is a people magnet, helping you meet many new friends.

Looking for Toys to Help Play with Your Pup?

If you have a dock dog and are wanting the best toys fortaking your dog swimming, take a look at the Lazy Dog Lounger dog float. Thispatented dog float lets your dog easily get on and off the raft and let’s themrest in comfort.  It is a non-inflatabledog float designed specifically to the keep your pup happy, cool and comfortablewhether your dog is swimming in the lake, pool or simply floating down theriver with you. 


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