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Swimming is very beneficial for dogs. It's a great, low-stress workout for their whole body. But, even the most water-loving canines need a break sometimes. That's where the Lazy Dog Lounger comes into the picture. Read More

6 Heavy-Duty Pool Floats for Dogs That Love the Swimming Pool

Best option for independent dogs - The Lazy Dog Loungers has the perfect float for camo lovers. The heavy-duty foam lounger holds dogs up to 110 pounds. Amazon customers love the puncture-resistant float. Read More

Best Raft for Dogs – Top 9 Picks (2021)

Do you spend your summers hanging out at the lake or lounging on the river? Or maybe you have a nice pool at your home. Regardless of where you’re spending your time on the water, it sure would be nice if you had a solution for your dog to join you and relax on the water with you! Read More

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Not every dog is a swimmer, not every dog is a retreiver— some dogs are all about that lounge life. With the dog days of summer fast approaching, doesn’t your pup deserve his own floating lounger? Read More