5 Fun-tastic Water Games for You and Your Pup with Lazy Dog Loungers®!

5 Fun-tastic Water Games for You and Your Pup with Lazy Dog Loungers®!

Posted by Mohsan Iqbal

Summer is sizzling, and your doggo deserves some splashtastic fun! Ditch the boring walks and unleash the inner water pup with Lazy Dog Loungers® and these pawsome water games:

1. Treasure Trove Toss: Transform your Lazy Dog Lounger® into a floating island of adventure! Fill a sturdy container (think yogurt tub or ice cream tub) with dog-safe treats or toys. Secure it to the lounger with rope or tape.

Encourage your furry friend to "fish" for the treasures, keeping them mentally stimulated and cool in the water. Bonus points for creative hiding spots!


2. Bobbing Bonanza: Get ready for some tail wags and giggles! Blow bubbles onto the water's surface and watch your dog playfully pop them with their noses or paws.

For an extra challenge, tie treats to string and dangle them just out of reach, encouraging your pup to bob and weave to snag them. Laughter guaranteed!


3. Fetch Frenzy with a Twist: Take classic fetch to new heights (pun intended!) with your Lazy Dog Loungers®. Throw a floating fetch toy a short distance away and let your dog swim and retrieve it. As their confidence grows, increase the distance for epic doggy dives!

For added fun, have your pup "deliver" the toy to the lounger for a well-deserved rest.


4. Obstacle Splash Course: Calling all canine ninjas! Set up a floating obstacle course using pool noodles, cones, or even floating toys.

Guide your dog to navigate around them, promoting balance, coordination, and problem-solving skills. Celebrate each successful run with treats and cheers!


5. Sprinkler Showdown: Time to get refreshingly silly! Attach a small sprinkler to the side of your Lazy Dog Loungers® using rope or wire ties. Let your dog unleash their inner water dancer, chasing the refreshing spray and cooling off under the summer sun.

Remember, supervision is key to ensure safe sprinkler fun!


Bonus Tip: Don't forget the safety essentials! Life jackets for non-swimmers, sunscreen for their noses, and fresh water are crucial for a pawsome day at the pool.

With Lazy Dog Loungers® and these playful water games, you're guaranteed to create lasting memories and strengthen your bond with your furry best friend. So, grab your swimsuit, crank up the pool tunes, and get ready for a summer of endless water fun!