The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Healthy

The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Posted by Andres Cruz

We all love our dogs and want what’s best for them. One of the most important things you can do for your pooch is to provide an environment that encourages good health. A healthy dog typically means a happy dog.  A healthy dog also lives a longer life.  As you know, some breeds of dogs live longer than others and some breeds are designed to be more active than others.  To help keep your dog health consider these tips.  

Don’t Overfeed

A common mistake that many dog owners make is overfeeding their pups.  Overfeeding results in overweight dogs.  Overfeeding includes the little treats we all like to give our dogs throughout the day.  But overfeeding can lead to a multitude of problems including lethargy, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.  These can all result in a shorter lifespan for your pup. Different species and ages of dogs have different nutritional needs. Be sure to understand how much and what types of food your dog needs. Provide them with a healthy diet to sustain their health. If you are unsure of where to start, ask your veterinarian.

Get Regular Medical Care Including Teeth

Just as you need to go to the doctor for regular checkups, your dog does as well. Your dog should go to the vet for an annual checkup.  This checkup will generally include a physical and the proper vaccines to ensure they are protected from things like heartworms, rabies, kennel cough and other parasites. Once your dog reaches the age of ten, they should visit their vet twice a year. Regular checkups will ensure that not only is your dog is current on vaccinations, but it will help detect any signs of a problem before they lead to major health issues. Vets will check your dog’s teeth to see if they are in good shape or if they need to be cleaned.   As in humans, untreated dental issues can lead to other health risks in dogs.  Caring for your dog’s teeth is something you can easily do at home

Provide the Right Amount of Exercise

Different breeds of dog need different amounts of exercise. For example, sporting and herding dogs typically need the most, up to two hours daily. Meanwhile, dogs like English bulldogs, pugs, and basset hounds can do well with just 40 minutes of exercise daily. Age is also an important factor. Puppies and senior dogs typically require about half as much exercise time each day as adolescent and adult dogs. As always, be sure to check for breed-related specific recommendations. Exercise is important to your dog’s physical health and for their mental health.  Dogs, especially young dogs, who don’t get regular exercise are not only at risk for health issues, but they often become destructive because they have to channel their energy somewhere.  It often results in chewed couches, shoes, purses, wallboards, and other expensive items. 

Choose the Right Kind of Exercise

Choosing the right types of exercise for your dog is as important as ensuring they get the right amount of daily exercise.  Most dogs love going for walks while some enjoy running around and playing a game of fetch. Swimming is an excellent choice for virtually any breed of dog. As a low impact, high muscle-building activity, it is great for any age of dog, including senior dogs.  Practicing water safety by having them wear a water vest while they are swimming and then providing their own dog rafts where they can rest when they get tired.  Did you know that your dog can get tired after just 5 or 10 minutes of swimming?  Like humans, they must build up their stamina for longer swim periods.  That’s where dog swim vests and dog rafts are critical for their enjoyment and safety. 

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