The Song of the Summer Snooze

The Song of the Summer Snooze

Posted by Mohsan Iqbal

The summer sun is beatin' down,

My tongue is lollin', fur all brown.

Chased squirrels, fetched the ball with glee,

But oh, those hot and weary knees.



My human friend, they mean so well,

But shade don't last, that story's stale.

A coolin' spot, a comfy rest,

A haven built to put me to the test.



Then came the day, a glorious sight,

A Lazy Dog Lounger, oh what a delight!

Mesh so cool, it lets the breeze right in,

Up off the ground, no heat to win.



I sprawl and sigh, a happy pup,

Lazy Dog Lounger, fills my cup.

Sun can shine, and birds can tweet,

This comfy spot can't be beat!



So next time summer's heat descends,

My Lazy Dog Lounger, my loyal friend.

Tail wags and naps, a blissful dream,

The coolest spot on the whole darn team!