Unleash Your Pup's Inner MacGyver: DIY Water Toys for Lazy Dog Loungers® Fun!

Unleash Your Pup's Inner MacGyver: DIY Water Toys for Lazy Dog Loungers® Fun!

Posted by Mohsan Iqbal

Is your dog a water enthusiast yearning for more aquatic adventures? Ditch the store-bought boredom and unleash your inner inventor with DIY water toys you can make using everyday items! These creations are perfect for use with your Lazy Dog Lounger®, transforming it into a personalized play paradise.

1. The Bubbly Bonanza:

    • Grab an empty plastic bottle, some rope, and your dog's favorite shampoo.
    • Fill the bottle with diluted shampoo and secure it to the Lounger® with rope.
    • Let your pup nudge and paw the bottle, creating a foamy fountain for endless bubble-chasing fun!

2. The Treasure Trove Toss:

    • Fill a sturdy container (think yogurt tub or ice cream tub) with small dog-safe treats or toys.
    • Secure the container to the Lounger® with rope or tape.
    • Encourage your dog to "fish" for the treasures, keeping them mentally stimulated and cool in the water.

3. The Splashing Sprinkler:

    • Cut a few small holes in the bottom of a clean plastic bottle.
    • Fill the bottle with water and attach it securely to the Lounger® with rope or wire ties.
    • Let your dog nudge and play with the bottle, creating a refreshing sprinkler effect!

4. The Floating Feast:

    • Tie a Kong or durable chew toy to a floating rope (like a pool noodle or pool rope).
    • Secure the other end of the rope to the Lounger®, creating a playful tug-of-war challenge while your dog cools off in the water.

5. The Puzzle Plaything:

    • Freeze dog-safe treats or broth in ice cube trays or muffin tins.
    • Let your dog explore and lick the frozen treats, keeping them cool and mentally engaged while on the Lounger®.


    • Use only dog-safe materials and monitor your pup closely during playtime.
    • Replace DIY toys when worn or damaged to avoid injuries.
    • Don't forget to supervise your dog while they enjoy their creations!

Bonus Tip:

Use washable fabric scraps to create DIY "bandanas" for your dog to wear while playing on their Lazy Dog Lounger®. This adds a festive touch and helps absorb any excess water.

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