Dog Ear Care After Swimming: Keeping Those Floppy Flaps Floppy and Healthy

Dog Ear Care After Swimming: Keeping Those Floppy Flaps Floppy and Healthy

Posted by Mohsan Iqbal

For many pups, a dip in the pool or a romp at the beach is the ultimate summer treat. But while their bodies may be built for splashing, their ears aren't quite as water-ready. Left unchecked, those floppy flaps can become breeding grounds for infections, making post-swim ear care essential.



Why Watery Woofers Worry Us:

Dogs' ear canals are L-shaped and lined with fur, a perfect setup for trapping moisture and creating a cozy haven for bacteria and yeast. This, combined with the warm, humid environment post-swim, can lead to a nasty ear infection called otitis externa. Symptoms include:

    • Redness and inflammation
    • Foul odor
    • Excessive head shaking and scratching
    • Discharge from the ear
    • Pain and discomfort

Ignoring these signs can lead to serious complications, so prevention is key.

Drying Techniques for Doggy:

Here's how to keep your canine companion's ears happy and healthy after a swim:

    • Gentle is key: Skip the rough towel drying! Instead, use a soft, absorbent cloth to gently blot away excess water.

    • Peek-a-boo: Lift floppy ears and dry inside the folds, being careful not to go too deep.

    • Air it out: Let your dog air-dry in a well-ventilated area. Bonus points for a sunbathing session!

    • Ear-gasmic assistance: Consider using a gentle ear drying solution recommended by your vet.

Lazy Dog Loungers® to the Rescue!:

Remember those L-shaped canals we mentioned? That's where Lazy Dog Loungers® come in as your watery woofer's best friend. By keeping your dog's head comfortably above water while they frolic and relax, they help prevent water from entering those vulnerable ears in the first place. Think of it as a floating oasis for ear health!

Prevention Pays Off:

Beyond drying techniques, remember these preventive tips:

    • Regular ear cleaning: Schedule cleaning sessions with your vet, especially for breeds prone to ear infections.
    • Trim those ear hairs: Long fur traps moisture, so keep those ear canals well-ventilated with regular trims.
    • Avoid swimming in stagnant water: Bacteria love it, your dog's ears don't.
    • Listen to your pup: Excessive head shaking, scratching, or odor are red flags – consult your vet.

By following these tips and making Lazy Dog Loungers® part of your dog's aquatic adventures, you can ensure their ears stay healthy and happy, all summer long. Remember, happy ears mean happy woofs, happy wags, and happy dog days!

So, grab your swimsuit, your pup's leash, and your Lazy Dog Lounger® – it's time for a splash-tastic summer filled with wet-nosed adventures and healthy, happy ears!